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About us

ComRebars company was established by people with many years of experience who professionally implement innovative solutions in construction industry. Our company is going to launch innovative composite construction materials onto the Polish and European market. At present, the market is dominated by steel which is not a sustainable material and generates (as a result of corrosion) considerable costs of maintenance, repair and rehabilitation. While doing research work on composite products, the owners of the company developed their own technology of producing fiberglass bars which allows to offer bars at competitive prices compared to steel bars.

The company has its own production plant with modern machinery resources where composite bars are produced with regard to conducted research and in compliance with AT/2016 – 02 – 3277 IBDiM [Road and Bridge Research Institute] technical approval with Manufacturing Quality Control under system 1+ carried out annually by ITD [Building Research Institute] Certification Department. Due to the fact that composite bars are a new and non-standard product on our market, the Company created their own project and design team occupying themselves with project optimisation, technical and organisation support for stakeholders which ensures the Company a leading position on the construction composites market. Technical approval of the Road and Bridge Research Institute (At/2016-02-3277) and a Certificate of the Building Research Institute (020-UWB-2516/W) are available under a separate tab

Moreover, a team of Polish and international experts (from research institutes engaged in composites) was appointed which aims at extending knowledge in this field, promoting innovative solutions in construction and ultimately, at developing guidelines for constructors and developing software supporting design with the use of non-metallic reinforcement materials.

Upcoming plans of the Company include conducting research study on improving mechanical properties, increasing temperature resistance, improving adhesion to concrete and bending of the composite bars etc.

Moreover, the Company has been making preparations for launching onto the market other innovative materials in which composites are the base materials.