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Port facilities, water and sewage infrastructure

All ComRebars composite products are resistant to aggressive environments and corrosion. Thanks to this, they perform well in humid or watery facilities.

The recommendations contained in the EC2 Reinforced Concrete Standard directive regarding the concrete durability in aggressive environments require the use of expensive surface protection of concrete. This often involves expensive impregnation or protective coatings.

The main advantages of composite materials in this regard:

  • They are significantly cheaper than galvanized steel (depending on the design, up to 50%)
  • They do not corrode and are chemically resistant
  • No need to increase the thickness of the concrete cover to avoid damage caused by moisture, frost, CO2, salt, and other aggressive substances
  • They do not react with water, reducing the need for renovations

They are used in the following cases:

  • Tanks for storing all chemical waste and sewage
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sewerage, drainage, strengthening the coastline
  • Maritime and port infrastructure
  • Agricultural construction: barns, piggeries, silos

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