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Facilities and infrastructure in contact with water

Farm buildings: barns, piggeries, silos

Chemical waste and sewage reservoirs, sewage treatment plant

Sewage system, land development, wharf strengthening

Port and off-shore infrastructure

Recommendations included in the EC2 reinforced concrete standard referring to protection of concrete durability in aggressive environments force the necessity to use expensive surface protection of concrete. It often involves expensive impregnation or application of protective coatings.

The greater the corrosion risk, the lower the porosity and the higher the class of concrete. Designs of concrete structures have to take into account not only mechanical loads but also the future influence of the environment.

To avoid damages caused by damp, frost, Co2, salt and other aggressive factors and to ensure the designed life-time of constructions, it is often necessary to increase the thickness of concrete cover.

Use of composite bars as a material resistant to corrosion and much more durable in comparison to steel, eliminates most of the above-mentioned problems.