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Special facilities

Power facilities


Military facilities of special purpose, e. g. radar stations, hospitals

Laboratories and research institutes

High-power devices used in industry, such as transformers, working in close contact with reinforced concrete may cause induction of currents in iron reinforcement bars. It speeds up corrosion and causes faster loss of durability of the whole structure.


  • positioning electric devices at a safe distance from reinforced concrete
  • insulation of bars

Composite bars do not conduct current so induction cannot occur and electrical equipment may work nearby without any loss.

Sites at which steel may be unfavourable for the operation of electrical equipment as it interferes or prevents its work require using a non-metallic and anti-magnetic reinforcement.

Apart from being an electrical insulator, composite bars are completely neutral to electromagnetic waves. That is why they meet the above-mentioned requirements to a greater extent than stainless steel which is several times more expensive.